Facebook Officially Launches Scam Warnings For Messenger Users

Facebook Officially Launched Scam Warnings And Safety Notices For Messenger Users

Facebook officially launched its latest feature — the scam warnings and safety notices — for its Messenger users.

This, as Facebook said that its Messenger platform will be monitoring behind the scenes for scammers using its smartphone communication system.

With this system, Jay Sullivan, the director of Facebook’s privacy and safety product management, said that safety notices and scam warnings will appear on their Messenger app’s text chats if the said activity — which took place in the background — was considered “suspicious” by artificial intelligence software.

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Jay Sullivan mentioned that Facebook’s new safety measures would help millions of users avoid such “potentially harmful interactions” as well as possible scams without compromising their own privacy.

In a report on GMA News Online, Facebook said that this feature was already available on Android devices since March, adding that this feature will arrive on iPhones starting next week.

Moreover, Facebook said that its artificial intelligence software could scan for scammers that were based on its account behavior — including multiple-sending messages targeting demographics or geographies.

Sullivan also said that Facebook was investing in privacy-preserving tools in order to keep its users safe without getting access to their message content. As such, warning notices would appear before users replied to messages of possibly doubtful origins.

Previously, Facebook globally released Messenger Rooms in order to compete with the popular Zoom platform during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

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