Netizens Slam Proposed Motorcycle Barrier Due to This Video

Motorcycle Barrier

Netizens Slam Proposed Motorcycle Barrier Claiming it Affects the Aerodynamics After Watching this Video The online community lambasted the proposed motorcycle barrier due to this video showing its negative effects to the riders. The Facebook page “RidertechPH” has shared the video footage of a motorcycle rider slowly driving along the road when two buses passed … Read more

Motorcycle Rider Suffers Wounds & Injuries After Hit By Jeepney

Motorcycle Rider

Jeepney Accidentally Hits Motorcycle Rider, Motorist Suffers Wounds & Injuries NAGCARLAN, Laguna – A motorcycle rider suffered wounds and injuries after a fast-moving jeepney hit him along Barangay Sta. Lucia. Earlier this week, it has been reported that a fast moving jeepney accidentally hit a motorcycle rider along the provincial road in Barangay Sta. Lucia. … Read more

Motorcycle Rider Accidentally Crashes Into Eatery: “Parang Drive-Thru lang”

Motorcycle Rider

Motorcycle Rider Caught on Camera After it Accidentally Crashes Into Eatery A motorcycle rider accidentally crashed into an eatery with customers after entering the establishment like passing a drive-thru. Nowadays, vehicular accident has been one of the major traffic problems not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the world. It … Read more

Broken Beer Bottles Scattered on the Road After Delivery Truck Gets Into Accident

Broken Beer Bottles

Photos of Broken Beer Bottles Scattered on the Road After Delivery Truck Gets Into Accident Elicit Comments Online Numerous broken beer bottles were scattered along the road after the delivery carrying cases of beer gets into a road accident. Over the past few days, the Philippine government is strictly implementing the lockdown protocols including mass … Read more

Two Men On Motorcycle Dead On Dump Truck Collision in Binalbagan

Two Men

Two men riding on a motorcycle died on Wednesday morning after colliding with a dump truck at the municipality of Binalbagan. Based on the investigation from the Philippine National Police (PNP), a motorcycle was driven by Eddie Hornanero along with his companion, Pacio Jimenez. Both Eddie and Pacio met a dump truck at the curved … Read more