Paolo Contis Makes Revelations about Yen Santos

Paolo Contis, Yen Santos

Paolo Contis Impressed of Yen Santos’ Professionalism at Work PAOLO CONTIS – The Kapuso actor-comedian made some revelations about his co-star in the Netflix release “A Faraway Land”, actress Yen Santos. It was the first time for actor Paolo Contis and actress Yen Santos to work together in a movie. Amid the challenging situation that … Read more

Paolo Contis Opens Up About Working With Yen Santos in “A Faraway Land”

Paolo Contis and Yen Santos

Paolo Contis opened up about working with Yen Santos in “A Faraway Land” Actor Paolo Contis recently opened up about working with actress Yen Santos in the movie “A Faraway Land”. “A Faraway Land” was set in Denmark’s Faroe Islands wherein a “complicated love story” sparked between a reporter working on a documentary about OFWs … Read more