Paolo Contis Makes Revelations about Yen Santos

Paolo Contis Impressed of Yen Santos’ Professionalism at Work

PAOLO CONTIS – The Kapuso actor-comedian made some revelations about his co-star in the Netflix release “A Faraway Land”, actress Yen Santos.

It was the first time for actor Paolo Contis and actress Yen Santos to work together in a movie. Amid the challenging situation that is going on for more than a year now, the two (2) celebrities pushed through with a film, A Faraway Land, that was recently released on Netflix.

In the said movie, Paolo plays the character of Nico Mendoza, a young journalist who is into making documentaries of the lives of Filipinos in different countries abroad.

Yen Santos played the character of Mahjoy Garðalið, an overseas Filipina worker (OFW) in Faroe Islands, a self-governing archipelago in Denmark. She is married to a Faroese, Sigmund Garðalið.

Nico flew to Faroe Islands to make a documentary about the life of Mahjoy. However, in just six (6) days, they found themselves falling in love with each other but their romance had to face the fact that she is married.

A lot of people got positive reviews for the movie. Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, Paolo Contis is all praises for his co-star, Yen Santos, for her professionalism and her dedication to her craft.

According to Paolo, he sometimes feels shy towards Yen who reminds him of his script. The actor justified that he does not like too much reading of his scripts to avoid losing his emotion.

“Nawawala sa puso ko. Si Yen, pagdating sa set, alam niya ‘yung script. Kapag hindi ko alam ‘yung dialogue ko, ‘Ito ang dialogue mo.’ ‘Thank you,’” the actor said.

Based on the report, Paolo Contis and Yen Santos had limited time for interaction before the filming of their movie. Meanwhile, he is happy that he and the actress including their director were all open to suggestions. He found it “easy” working with the actress and he credits her professionalism as a big factor.

Paolo furthermore stressed his and Yen’s professionalism and their similar desire over their project is one of the reasons why “it worked well”. As for his takeaways from his character, he cited learning that you must give everything for love and towards anything you want as a second chance may not be around.

“Lahat ng bagay, hindi lang sa love, dapat itodo mo,” Paolo said.

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