The Juans Drummer Joshua Coronel Leaves the Band

The Juans

Here’s why The Juans drummer is leaving the band JOSHUA CORONEL – The drummer of the pop-rock band The Juans left due to personal matters. The Juans is a pop-rock band consisting of lead vocalist and keyboardist Carl Guevarra, vocalist and lead guitarist Japs Mendoza, vocalist and bassist Chael Adriano, vocalist and acoustic guitarist RJ … Read more

Arthur Nery’s First Solo Concert- Sold Out

Arthur Nery

The first solo concert of Arthur Nery is sold out ARTHUR NERY – The first-ever solo concert of the OPM hitmaker has been sold out. The R&B/soul singer rose to fame with his hit song Pagsamo which now has over 200 million views on YouTube. He was discovered when he performed as the opening act … Read more

Kean Cipriano Says He’s Out Of OPM Band Callalily

Kean Cipriano, Callalily

Kean Cipriano Shares Details About His Decision To Leave Callalily KEAN CIPRIANO – Vocalist Kean Cipriano recently admitted that he’s no longer part of the OPM band Callalily. Pinoy pop-rock band Callalily was formed in 2005. The band entered the music scene with their songs “Take My Hand,” “Stars,” and “Magbalik.” Vocalist Kean Cipriano is … Read more

Justin Bieber Suffers from Facial Paralysis

Justin Bieber

Pop singer Justin Bieber reveals he’s suffering from facial paralysis JUSTIN BIEBER – The international hitmaker revealed that he’s been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which is causing him partial facial paralysis. Bieber is a Canadian singer who is widely recognized for his genre-melding musicianship and has played an influential role in modern-day popular music. … Read more

Bryan Termulo Gives Update About his Life Now in the US

Bryan Termulo

Here’s an update about the life of Bryan Termulo in the US BRYAN TERMULO – Dubbed as the “Prince of Teleserye Theme Songs”, the singer gave an update about his life in the US. Termulo is a singer-songwriter, whose career started when he became a runner-up in Pinoy Pop Superstar Year 3. He is best … Read more

Rey Valera Expresses ‘Sama ng Loob’ Against a Concert Producer

Rey Valera

Veteran singer-songwriter Rey Valera takes a swipe at a concert producer REY VALERA – The veteran singer-songwriter couldn’t help but express his “sama ng loob” or resentment against a concert producer. Valera, whose real name is Reynaldo Valera Guardiano is a singer, songwriter, music director, film scorer and television host. He wrote and produced songs … Read more

Ben&Ben Teams Up With Google, Releases Song For Safer Internet Day

Ben&Ben and Google

Ben&Ben released “Mag-Ingat” in partnership with Google. BEN&BEN — The Pinoy indie folk band officially released a timely advocacy song for internet safety in partnership with Google Philippines. Released last Tuesday, the band marked the “Safer Internet Day” celebration with a 2-minute music video that has catchy lyrics and has an interesting way to campaign … Read more

Kris Lawrence Releases First Audio NFT “Future Girl”

Kris Lawrence

Kris Lawrence officially released his first audio NFT “Future Girl”. KRIS LAWRENCE — The RnB singer started to venture into crypto space as he recently released his first audio NFT (non-fungible token) “Future Girl”. In a virtual press conference, Kris shared that the people behind SongRise reached out to him. “One of my friends, Andre … Read more

Kris Lawrence To Release His First Audio NFT

Kris Lawrence

Kris Lawrence was set to release his first audio NFT. KRIS LAWRENCE — The RnB singer recently announced that he was set to release his first audio NFT (non-fungible token). Kris recently announced that his new single “Future Girl” will be released as an NFT or non-fungible token. GMA Entertainment reported that Kris’ song would … Read more

Madam Inutz to Release New Single Titled ‘Marites’

Madam Inutz

Marites, the latest single of Madam Inutz MADAM INUTZ – The social media sensation-turned-former Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) housemate is set to release a new single titled “Marites.” Fresh from her PBB stint, the internet celebrity will be releasing a song, a follow-up to her debut track titled “Inutil” which was released last year. According … Read more