Homeless Man Studying Along Sidewalk of Blumentritt Street Goes Viral

Homeless Man

Inspiring Photos of Homeless Man Studying Along Sidewalk of Blumentritt Street Earn Praises Online The inspiring photos of a homeless man studying along the sidewalk of Blumentritt Street in San Juan City goes viral on social media. The Facebook page “Philippine Star” has shared the inspiring photos of a street dweller who has been spotted … Read more

Motorcycle Rider Gets Into Accident After Hitting “Asong Gala”

Motorcycle Rider

Motorcycle Rider Caught on Camera Getting Into Road Accident After Hitting Stray Dog The video footage of a motorcycle rider who gets into a road accident after hitting a dig along the road elicits comments online. Road accident has been one of the most common traffic problems not only in the Philippines but also in … Read more

Talented Netizen Flaunts Low Budget Photoshoot at Home

Talented Netizen

Talented Netizen Shares Amazing Results of Low Budget Photoshoot at Home A talented netizen has shared the photos of a low budget photoshoot taken at home, the online community praised his shots. A Facebook user named Cijan Cimagala has shared the amazing shots on his “stay at home low budget photoshoot”. The photos spread like … Read more

Poor Man Fixing His Improvised Bike Receives Brand New Bike

Poor Man

The Poor Man Who Goes Viral After Fixing His Improvised Bike Receives Brand New Bike From Kind Netizen The poor man who has been spotted fixing his improvised bike received a brand new bike from a kind-hearted netizen. Previously, the photos of a 52-year-old man identified as Jhonny P. Cuevas while fixing his improvised bike … Read more

Banana Vendor Praying Beside the Road Earns Praises Online

Banana Vendor

Social Media Users Lauded Banana Vendor Who Prays Beside the Road The inspiring photo of a banana vendor who stopped selling and prayed beside the road earns praises from the netizens. Nowadays, a lot of people in different countries all around the world barely remembers and pray to God in their lives due to the … Read more