Trina Candaza’s New Boyfriend? Guy Calls Her “Ate”

The rumored new boyfriend of Trina Candaza

TRINA CANDAZA – A photo of Carlo Aquino’s ex-girlfriend with her rumored new boyfriend has sparked mixed reactions from netizens.

Trina Candaza and Carlo Aquino were in a relationship from January 2019 until their split in December 2019. They share a daughter named Mithi, born in September. She recently gained attention after posting a cryptic photo on Instagram following Carlo Aquino’s surprise wedding to Charlie Dizon. The photo of a blank wall with a lotus flower emoji sparked speculation among netizens, who interpreted it as a subtle response to Carlo’s marriage. Despite their past relationship and breakup, Trina and Carlo co-parent their daughter and remain committed to her well-being.

Trina Candaza

A few days after Carlo Aquino’s wedding, a photo surfaced on social media showing Trina Candaza with a man identified as Jit, who holds the title Mr. STI Philippines 2023 according to his Instagram bio. The photo was initially posted by @harjich and later shared by Trina on her Instagram Story. Trina had also posted a photo with Jit, joking about their future plans for mischief, which Jit reposted with a playful comment asking about their next adventure.

Trina Candaza

The image of Candaza and Jit spread on Facebook with claims that Jit is Trina’s new boyfriend, drawing comparisons to Carlo Aquino and mentioning Charlie Dizon. This sparked mixed reactions among netizens on a popular showbiz site. Some accused the ex-boyfriend of Carlo Aquino of seeking attention or fame, while others expressed supportive comments, believing she deserves happiness.

However, followers noted that Trina and Jit’s social media captions suggest a close, sibling-like relationship rather than a romantic one, challenging assumptions about their status. As of now, the ex-girlfriend of Carlo Aquino has not issued any clarification regarding her rumored new boyfriend.

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