Viy Cortez Reveals Her Take on “Panget” & “Chaka” Comments

YouTube Vlogger Viy Cortez Speaks on Bashing, Negative Criticisms

VIY CORTEZ – The popular YouTube content creator revealed her take on negative comments thrown against her amid her popularity.

Some people gained popularity in the Philippines through their successful YouTube vlogging careers. Among them are content creators Cong TV and Viy Cortez who recently got married in a church wedding ceremony in Muntinlupa.

Cong TV, Viy Cortez
Screengrabbed from Instagram/@viycortez
Cong TV, Viy Cortez
Screengrabbed from Instagram/@viycortez

Cong and Viy are among the YouTube vloggers running channels with millions of subscribers. Cong was the first to be a content creator and he is also a big part in the success of the own YouTube channel of Viy. He helped not only Viy but as well as his siblings and their closest friends. Their group is called “Team Payaman”.

Viy Cortez, Cong TV

Cong and Viy are together for several years now. Then, she was a car sales agent while he was starting as a YouTube vlogger. The couple always fondly recalls their humble beginnings. Countless people admire and are inspired of their stories.

However, on the other side of appreciations they get and the inspiration they bring, living celebrity lives now, they also cannot skip the eye of critics and bashers. Viy Cortez was bashed several times but, visibly, the YouTube content creator is unfazed from bashings now.

Viy Cortez
Screengrabbed from Instagram/@viycortez

In an interview with Pep, Viy Cortez revealed that she had experiences of being bullied when she was a child and she chooses not to be affected by it. According to the content creator, she learned that not everyone will like you and you are not tied to prove anything to other people.

At the height of her pregnancy with Kidlat in 2022, Viy’s physical appearance greatly changed and there were negative comments against the vlogger. Based on the article, despite the sacrifices that she has to make, she stressed that she is willing to go through it again as carrying her child with Cong is worth it.

“Ang taba, ang itim ng mga leeg, alam mo yun? Tanggap ko siya. Kasi kapag tanggap mo yung mga bagay na ganun, hindi siya magagamit against you,” Viy expressed.

Pregnancy Viy Cortez

The popular YouTube vlogger stressed that she can still return to her normal physique after the pregnancy. After she will get pregnant with their second baby, she can try to get slimmer and beautiful again. According to her, the only thing that matter to her is how Cong and Kidlat looks at her.

“Ang pinakamahalaga naman, yung sinabi ko kanina, kapag nagagandahan sa iyo ang asawa mo, ang anak mo, yun na ang pinakamaganda,” Viy said.

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