Sunshine Guimary’s Husband Was Laid to Rest on Her 30th Birthday

The husband of Sunshine Guimary was laid to rest

SUNSHINE GUIMARY – The Vivamax actress was deeply devastated as she laid her husband to rest on her 30th birthday.

In her latest Instagram post, Sunshine became sentimental as she expressed her love for her husband. “2 months ago si papa nilibing ko. Ngayon ikaw asawa ko at tinataon n’yo pa sa birthday ko.Bakit? Durog na durog na pati kaluluwa ko. Ang sakit-sakit na. Sa susunod kong birthday antayin n’yo ko,” Sunshine said. “Inaantay ka ni papa baby ko maglakbay muna kayo sa walang hanggan. Antayin n’yo ko. Kayo buhay ko. Mami-miss ko kayo sa araw-araw,” she wrote.

Sunshine Guimary

In her heartfelt message, the Vivamax actress expressed profound sadness for missing her husband’s everyday actions like cooking, laughter, jokes, and concern for her. She thanked him for his love and care, cherished their moments together, and emphasized their significance in her life. She ended with a poignant request to be embraced by both her husband and her father in heaven, highlighting their irreplaceable roles in her heart and life.

Sunshine Guimary

Sunshine Guimary received an outpouring of condolences from netizens following the recent loss of her husband. Messages of sympathy flooded her social media, with many expressing heartfelt condolences and offering words of comfort. Some conveyed their deepest condolences and prayers, while others shared personal messages of empathy, acknowledging her pain and offering strength during this difficult time.

It is recalled that, according to a report from PEP, her husband’s cause of death was heart enlargement.

Meanwhile, Sunshine Guimary is an actress known for her roles in films and television. She gained popularity through her appearances on platforms like Vivamax, where she starred in various projects catering to a mature audience. Sunshine has also been active on social media, engaging with her fans and sharing updates about her career and personal life.

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