Girlfriend Files Complaint Vs. Boyfriend after he didn’t Take her to Airport

New Zealander Girlfriend, Boyfriend Couple in Conflict After He Missed To Take Her To Airport

GIRLFRIEND – A New Zealander woman filed a complaint against her boyfriend after he was not able to take her to the airport.

In a romantic relationship, one of the ways that boyfriends usually show love for their girlfriend is by driving her around — fetching her and taking her to where she needs to go. However, this gesture of showing love became the problem of a New Zealander couple.


A woman filed a complaint against her boyfriend after he missed to take her to the airport. According to her, they verbally agreed that he would pick her up and drive her to the airport as she was off to watch a concert with her friends. She also asked him to watch over her house and to take care of her two dogs.

Girlfriend at Airport

However, he missed to take her to the airport so she was not able to catch up with her flight. Based on an article on Pep, she flew the next day but she was required for additional fees. The girlfriend filed a complaint against her boyfriend at the Disputes Tribunal in New Zealand.

She also had to bring her dogs to the kennels while she’s away and she paid for an airport shuttle service that took her to the airport.

The Disputes Tribunal in New Zealand is also known as a smaller court. It is where less serious complaints are filed for a faster resolution of the problem. Unlike the court, there is no need for a lawyer or judge. A tribunal referee fixes the problem among the two (2) parties.

Regarding the case of the girlfriend who filed a complaint against her boyfriend, she also wanted to be paid back with the amount that she paid for his ferry ticket when they visited her children last December 2023. The complaint was published at the website of the Disputes Tribunal.

Based on the article, Krysia Cowie, the tribunal referee, junked the complaint filed by the New Zealander woman against her boyfriend. She stressed that “partners, friends and colleagues make social arrangements, but it is unlikely they can be legally enforced unless the parties perform some act that demonstrates an intention that they will be bound by their promises”.

Cowie also added that in an intimate relationship, promises are part of a give and take process between the people involved. According to the tribunal referee, she found the verbal agreement between the two (2) parties involved “in the context of their friendship”.

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