Newly-Wed Spends First Night At Hospital’s ER After Accident on Wedding Day

Newly-Wed Meets Accident during Photo Session at their Wedding Reception

NEWLY-WED – Blake and Mary Greenwell spent their first night as a married couple at the Emergency Room of a hospital after an accident on their wedding day.

Usually, what happens after the wedding ceremony is that newly-married couple enjoy a celebration of love with their family and loved ones at their wedding reception and spend the night at the hotel after. The first night is expected as one special night for the couple as they are officially husband and wife. However, in the case of Blake and Mary Greenwell, it was a different set of happenings after they were pronounced husband and wife.

Blake and Mary Greenwell
Photo: Kennedy News and Media

One of those that was featured in the Kennedy News and Media, a news organization based in the United Kingdom, this month is the wedding story of Blake and Mary Greenwell. The couple are now both 27-year-old and living in Boston, Kentucky in the United States.

The bride has a petite physique while the groom is visibly a big man. After the wedding ceremony which took an hour, the newly-wed couple proceeded to their wedding venue. When they arrived at the reception, the disc jockey was still preparing so they opted to do a photo session.

Bride and Groom Piggyback ride
Photo: Kennedy News and Media

Blake and Mary Greenwell had playful poses for their wedding photos. However, they did not expect what happened next — a piggyback ride pose led to an accident. The bride tried to carry her husband but it led to the breaking of her left ankle.

Bride and Groom Accident
Photo: Kennedy News and Media

The bride felt that her ankle broke. According to her, the groom’s brother held onto the groom’s feet trying to keep them steady “but that actually made us fall forward with my feet staying pointed on the ground”. At first, the people at the wedding reception did not believe and thought that the newly-wed couple was just doing it for a pose.

However, the ankle of the bride got swollen so they had to bring her to the hospital. The doctor confirmed that she had a broken ankle. The newly-wed spent their first night as a married couple at the Emergency Room of a hospital.

Newly-Wed at Hospital Emergency Room
Photo: Kennedy News and Media

When they look back at what happened, the Mary can just laugh at what happened but Blake is somehow blaming himself for it. He is visibly disappointed saying that he really saw that his bride got dismayed and it happened to her because of him. Screws and metal plates had to be placed at the foot of Mary.

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