SHOPEE BUDOL FINDS – Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush (Features, Specs & Price)

Introducing the Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

SHOPEE BUDOL FINDS – The Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is an advanced grooming tool designed to simplify pet care while ensuring comfort and cleanliness for pets of all sizes and fur types.

Made from high-quality ABS and TPR materials, this brush features soft bristles that effectively remove loose hair, knots, tangles, dander, and trapped dirt from your pet’s coat. This not only keeps your pet looking tidy but also helps maintain skin health by preventing mats and potential skin issues. The brush includes a unique self-cleaning feature that activates with a simple button press. This innovation allows the bristles to retract, quickly gathering collected fur and debris into a neat pile for easy disposal. This process is quick and effortless, making cleanup after grooming a breeze.

In addition to its cleaning abilities, the Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush provides a therapeutic benefit through its massaging action. The gentle brushing stimulates circulation, which is important for keeping a pet’s coat and skin healthy. Pets enjoy this as a soothing massage, enhancing their overall comfort during grooming sessions.

Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

The brush is designed with user comfort in mind. The handle is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable grip, with a non-slip surface for stability and control. This ergonomic design reduces strain on the user’s hand and wrist, allowing for longer grooming sessions without discomfort.

Versatility is another key feature of this brush. Suitable for both dogs and cats, regardless of their hair length, it adapts easily to different grooming needs. Whether you’re managing a thick-coated breed or untangling curls, the brush is essential for maintaining your pet’s coat health and appearance.

Don’t miss the chance to transform your pet grooming experience with the Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush from Pet Kingdom for only ₱59 – ₱199. Discover the ease, convenience, and effectiveness that this innovative tool brings to your pet care routine. Your furry friend deserves the best—make grooming a breeze with this must-have accessory!

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