Christian Bables Mourns Passing of Beloved Dog “Hope”

Christian Bables Posts Heart-Melting Letter for Dog Who Died

CHRISTIAN BABLES – Following the death of his beloved dog named Hope, the actor took to socia media a heart-melting letter for his furbaby.

Countless people across the globe have a special place in their hearts for dogs. In the Philippines, Christian is one of those who are close to dogs. The actor actually has several furbabies and is a one proud furparent to these loving creatures.

Christian Bables and his dogs
Photo Credit: Christian Bables/Facebook

Christian has always been vocal about his love for his dogs. He has several different breeds of dogs. Like other furparents with several furbabies, he has also went through the pain and sadness everyone he loses one. Sadly, he recently lost one of his furbabies named Hope.

Christian Bables, Dog Hope
Photo Credit: Christian Bables/Facebook

Christian Bables did not disclose the reason behind the death of Hope. In his heart-melting letter for his beloved dog who passed away, they’ve been together for 7 years which are full of love. Mourning the death of his dog, the actor expressed his pain through a heartfelt letter addressed to Hope.

Christian stated that Hope is really a big part of his heart and it is both a blessing and a curse to him. He recalled their fun moments together — the times when his dog wants to hug him, the warm breathe of Hope, his dog’s sweet kisses, and, above all, Hope’s big love for him.

On the other part, his great love for his dog also cause him pain now that his beloved furbaby is gone. He recalled that the pain he had from the death of his other dogs remains deep. It is so painful that it feels like it is tearing his heart.

Meanwhile, Christian Bables stated that along with a few who chose to accept and take care of the love that he can give, he is happy for pouring his heart to his dogs as it was never wasted. It even brought him so much more. The actor ended his hope expressing his great love for his beloved dog and his hope that if ever the time comes that they will all see each other again, they will run towards him happily. Here’s his post:

The pet crematorium which Christian Bables demanded for a public apology from regarding to the pick-up and preparation of his beloved furbaby has released a statement.

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