Christian Bables Demands Pet Crematorium To Publicly Apologize over dog mistreatment

Actor Christian Bables Mourns Loss of Beloved Dog

CHRISTIAN BABLES – The actor demands public apology from a pet crematorium for the mistreatment of his beloved pet, Hope.

Countless people are dog lovers. Many of them are celebrities who have loved their dogs so much and these loving creatures have become their source of genuine joy and companionship. Christian is one of the famous actors in the Philippine entertainment industry who loves dogs.

Dying Dog

As the popular saying goes, loving a dog will give you many happy days in your life and one bad day — the latter means death. For furparents, this one of is very painful although not everyone may understand it. Furparents treat their dogs like their own children. Like Christian Bables, many people experienced not only heartbreak from a person but also from the loss of a beloved dog.

Recently, actor Christian Bables lost her beloved dog named Hope. He decided to hold a dignified wake for his beloved furbaby so he contacted the Haven of Angels Memorial Chapels and Crematorium Inc.

Christian Bables

However, based on a report on ABS-CBN News, Christian Bables was even more hurt after seeing Hope unattended to property after the pet crematorium has taken the dog with them. He demanded for a public apology from the Haven of Angels Memorial Chapels and Crematorium Inc.

Christian Bables

Hope died at 5:28 p.m. and Christian was in Makati then while his dog is in Antipolo. The actor contacted the pet crematorium which reportedly asked for Php 1,000 to process the remains of the dog right away.

Based on the report, the dog of Christian Bables was picked up at 9:30 p.m. According to the service, the driver went to the wrong address and he also got delayed due to the traffic. However, aside from the delay, the actor was disappointed when he found out that his dog was not properly prepared.

According to Christian, when they arrived at the Haven of Angels Memorial Chapels and Crematorium Inc., they saw Hope carelessly displayed and was not tidied up. The actor was disappointed and hurt by the actions of the pet crematorium:

“Ang panget sa pakiramdam ‘yun kasi last time makikita ‘yung someone I dearly love, alam ko hindi lahat maintindihan nararamdaman ko,” the actor said.

Christian Bables stressed that Hope is family to him and a big part of his support system. Based on the report, a demand letter released by Calinisan Domino and Beron Law Offices as the actor wants a public apology from the pet crematorium.

According to the actor, he is hoping that his demand for accountability will prevent other dog owners from experiencing what he has gone through. He also believes that it is time to speak up that animals must be “treated with enough respect and decency”.

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