Gelli de Belen Refuses to Enter Politics

Gelli de Belen will not enter politics

GELLI DE BELEN – The TV host-actress said that she’s refusing to enter the world of politics.

Gelli is learning and discovering a lot from being part of a public service show. The show in question is “Si Manoy Ang Ninong Ko,” where she is joined by Rep. Wilbert “Manoy” Lee of the AGRI party list and TV host-model Patricia Tumulak.

Due to the success of the first season, Rep. Wilbert, now known as Manoy and Ninong, decided to continue their efforts. On June 15, Gelli and Rep. Wilbert announced the start of “Si Manoy Ang Ninong Ko Season 2,” which will still air on GMA 7.

After answering questions about the show, Gelli was directly asked if she plans to enter politics given her extensive knowledge of public service. She replied that she cannot commit to the 24/7 demands and challenges of being a public servant. Gelli emphasized that such a role requires prioritizing the country over family, a commitment she is not prepared to make. She stated that she will prioritize her family and leave the public service responsibilities to Manoy.

Manoy believes Gelli is capable of becoming a public official, saying she has the heart for it. However, he acknowledges the difficulty of the role, sharing that even his son advised him to be a politician as long as he stays honest and uses personal funds if needed.

In the second season of “Si Manoy Ang Ninong Ko,” the program aims to help even more people, featuring inspiring stories of resilience, unity, and the Filipino spirit of Bayanihan. Manoy stated, “Wala tayong pinipili na mga taong tutulungan. Manoy is kuya na pwede mong sandalan or puntahan anytime.”

He also highlighted the fear of illness during their nationwide visits, as it affects income and savings. The team focuses on providing medical assistance, such as wheelchairs, walkers, and maintenance medicines, without requiring recipients to visit their office.

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