Loving Father Expresses Support for LGBTQIA+ Son

Loving Father Earns Praise After Expressing Support for His LGBTQIA+ Son

A loving father goes viral and earns admiration online for expressing support for his son whose a member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

The LGBTQIA+ community includes people with diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. The term LGBTQIA+ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, and the plus (+) symbol represents other gender identities that are not specifically covered by the other letters.

Despite progress, many LGBTQIA+ individuals still face discrimination, prejudice, and violence. This can happen at school, work, or even within their own families.


Recently, Violet Huelar, a TikTok user, shared a tribute to his very supportive father, Papa Toto, who has always encouraged him to pursue his passions, including participating in beauty pageants. The video garnered various reactions from the netizens.

In the viral post, Violet from Laguna shared a compilation video showing moments from his life, including his pageant experiences and academic achievements. The video shows Papa Toto’s support throughout these memorable events.

The heartfelt clips show Papa Toto crowning Violet after winning a pageant, helping him down the stage, and proudly placing a medal around his neck after he was recognized as one of the top five outstanding students in his school.

@markchrstnramos I love you papa, I am crying upon editing this. I am just blessed forever. I am proud of you! Super! #violethuelar #markchristianramos #destinyrose #violetandpapatoto #fatherandgayson ♬ original sound – @gorio07

One of the most touching parts of the video features Violet performing on stage while his father proudly watches, declaring, “Anak ko ‘yan.”

Violet’s emotional message expresses his gratitude and pride for his dad, saying, “I love you papa, I am crying upon editing this. I am just blessed forever. I am proud of you! Super!”


As of this writing, the video garnered 4.3 million views, 797.6k likes, and 7,800 comments. Viewers have been moved by the powerful display of love and support between Violet and his father, with many praising Papa Toto for being a supportive parent.

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