Woman Bursts Into Tears After Termites Consume Her P35,000 Savings

Woman in Davao Oriental Loses P35,000 Hard-Earned Savings to Termites

A woman in Davao Oriental gets emotional and bursts into tears after termites had consumed her P35,000 savings.

Last Sunday, May 19, 2024, a lady netizen named Sherell Ampong from Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental, broke down in tears out of anger and regret when she discovered that termites had eaten her hard-earned savings of P35,000.

Ampong shared that she had stored the money in a cardboard piggy bank, which she kept in a cabinet along with her clothes.


“Nagtaka na lang ako na ang ibang damit ko puro anay na at ang alkansya ko, napakarami nang anay. Inubos nito ang mga pera ko,” Sherell said.

Sherell had been saving since January 2023. The money came from the leftover earnings of her small barbecue business. She planned to use the money to buy a laptop and a cellphone for her two children, one in college and the other in senior high school.

“Kung makakaipon ako ulit, siguro ilalagay ko na sa pitaka ko at ideposito sa bangko,” Sherell stated.

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has said that damaged banknotes can still be replaced, provided that at least 60% of the original bill remains.

There must also be visible parts of the signatures of either the President of the Philippines or the BSP Governor, as well as the presence of either the Embedded Security Thread (EST) or the Windowed Security Thread (WST).

The BSP encourages the public to deposit their savings in banks to prevent such losses.

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The incident may serve as a reminder of the importance of proper money storage and the benefits of using banking services to keep savings safe from unexpected disasters.

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