Lola Falls as Budol-Budol Victim of Another Lola; Money and Jewelry Stolen

Money and jewelry were taken from one budol-budol lola to another lola

CEBU – A female senior citizen fell victim to another lola, from whom money and jewelry were taken.

“Budol-budol” is a prevalent form of scam in the Philippines where perpetrators employ various psychological tactics to deceive unsuspecting victims into giving them money, valuables, or other assets. This scam typically involves a combination of charm, manipulation, and false promises to gain the trust and confidence of the victim.

The process usually begins with the scammer approaching the victim, often pretending to be someone trustworthy or in need of assistance. They may use fake identities, such as posing as a relative, a friend, a government official, or even a foreigner. By assuming these personas, they aim to create a sense of familiarity and credibility with the victim.

Once they have established rapport, the scammer employs persuasive tactics to convince the victim to part with their money or belongings. This can include elaborate stories or scenarios designed to evoke sympathy, urgency, or fear in the victim. For example, they might fabricate tales of financial hardship, medical emergencies, or legal troubles, exploiting the victim’s compassion or vulnerability.

In some cases, the scammer may use props or gimmicks to enhance the illusion of legitimacy. This could involve displaying fake documents, counterfeit currency, or valuable-looking items to lend credibility to their claims. They may also employ sleight of hand or other deceptive techniques to manipulate the victim’s perception and distract them from the true nature of the scam.

In Talisay, Cebu, a senior citizen woman was allegedly duped by her fellow senior citizen. Police said the suspect, who claimed to be Korean, along with two accomplices, asked the victim to accompany them to a hardware store. After leaving the hardware store, the suspects allegedly took over P200,000 in cash and jewelry from the victim.

According to GMA News, the suspects told the victim they would temporarily leave their bag with P1 million in the car. However, upon inspection, the bag contained only paper. Although one of the suspects was arrested, the stolen money and jewelry were not recovered.

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