Two Men Fight Over a Plane Seat in Midair

In midair, two men exchange punches over a plane seat

ONBOARD FIGHT – Two men exchanged punches over a plane seat in midair aboard EVA Air’s flight BR-08 from Taipei to San Francisco.

The altercation occurred on May 7, 2024, aboard EVA Air’s flight BR-08 from Taipei to San Francisco. The dispute began when a passenger changed seats due to another passenger’s continuous coughing. This led to a scuffle when the original occupant returned and found his seat taken.

As tensions flared, three female flight attendants swiftly intervened, attempting to diffuse the situation. They found themselves amidst a chaotic scene as the two men exchanged punches, with other passengers becoming increasingly alarmed by the escalating altercation. Despite efforts to separate the combatants, the confrontation intensified, with shouts and physical aggression ensuing.

In the midst of the chaos, one flight attendant inadvertently became a casualty, struck while attempting to intervene. Passengers also stepped in, aiding the crew in restraining the fighting individuals. Eventually, the men were separated and relocated to different parts of the aircraft, but not before causing disruption and distress among fellow travelers.

The flight, spanning more than 11 hours, endured the turbulence of the altercation until its arrival in San Francisco. Upon landing, authorities were notified, and the two individuals involved were reported to the police for further action.

EVA Air, in response to the incident, reiterated its “zero-tolerance policy towards incidents of passenger nuisance,” emphasizing the importance of maintaining safety and order onboard their flights. The airline commended its flight attendants for their prompt and decisive response in managing the situation, acknowledging their dedication to ensuring the well-being and security of all passengers. Video footage of the altercation circulated widely on social media, serving as a stark reminder of the challenges faced in maintaining peace and civility within the confined space of an aircraft.

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