Billy Crawford’s Health? Wife Coleen Garcia Speaks Amid Criticisms on Husband’s Look

Billy Crawford’s Health Dragged in Criticisms Over His Look

BILLY CRAWFORD’S HEALTH – Actress Coleen Garcia spoke amid the criticisms on the look of her husband, Billy Crawford.

One of the most popular celebrities in the Philippines is TV host-dancer Billy Crawford. He is known not only in the country but as well as by countless people abroad. He is one of the Pinoy celebrities who frequently do show in other countries.

Billy Crawford Birthday

Billy Crawford is married to actress Coleen Garcia. They have a four-year-old son named Amari. The actress who has just returned to her acting career also previously expressed readiness to be pregnant again in case they will be blessed with another baby.

However, while Coleen is vocal that she and Billy are happy in their lives, there are a lot of speculations and criticisms surrounding the current physical look of the TV host-dancer. Countless netizens also expressed concern for Billy Crawford.

Billy Crawford

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, amid the countless criticisms and concerns for Billy Crawford’s health, Coleen Garcia assured that her husband is more than okay. According to the actress, he is just slimmer now because he has no more vices and it is probably because of stress for his work.

Coleen shared that Billy travels abroad every month and performs in several shows in other countries. He had performances in France and in the United States. The actress also stressed that her husband already has dark circles ever since.

“Kahit noon pa, si Billy talaga may dark circles, and ‘yung hair niya medyo nauubos na,” Coleen said.

Meanwhile, based on the report, Coleen Garcia stressed that it was never a problem for them and it was not an issue that they are ashamed of. She expressed her hope that the statement will gain respect from other people.

“We’re putting it out there and honest kami sa inyo. Sana may mag-respect din sa mga sinasabi namin,” the actress said.

Billy has commitments abroad as well as some jobs here in the Philippines so he has to return back and forth every now and then. He also has commitments with The Voice Philippines. For her part, Coleen is returning to her acting career and is promoting her new movie, Isang Gabi.

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