Teacher Disappointed by Students Leaving Group Chat Without Notice

Teacher Expresses Disappointment as Students Leave Class Group Chat Without Notice

GROUP CHAT – A teacher expressed her disappointment on social media after her students left their class GC without informing her or even saying “thank you.”

On Facebook, a teacher who goes by the name “Maria Maria” lamented that her students left the GC without any farewell or expression of gratitude. She emphasized that it hurt her as a teacher to see this lack of manners and respect, noting that asking permission to leave and expressing thanks are simple acts of courtesy.

“My students leaving in the GC with no words (emoji). As a teacher, it really pains to see your students leaving in the GC with no more. permissions to leave” or even just a simple ‘thank you,'” she noted in the caption of her post.

In an exclusive interview with Balita, Maria Maria reiterated her sadness over the incident, stressing that today’s youth often forget basic manners and netiquette. She pointed out the importance of teaching students proper behavior online, as it reflects their respect and appreciation for their teachers.

Her sentiments sparked mixed reactions from netizens. Some believed that it wasn’t necessary for students to ask permission to leave the GC if it was solely for online classes and the course had ended. Others argued that asking permission is a sign of respect and that students need to learn proper etiquette for future interactions. Comments varied from calling out the lack of manners in today’s youth to emphasizing the role of parents and teachers in instilling good values.

In July 2023, another teacher, Jonathan Gudes Merillo, went viral for a similar issue. He expressed understanding for why some teachers feel hurt when students abruptly leave GCs. He appreciated his former college students who maintained communication even after graduation. Merillo emphasized that while leaving a GC is a personal choice, it’s polite to ask for permission and thank the teacher for facilitating communication through the GC.

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