Rendon Labador Finally Meets Alex Gonzaga

All is well between Rendon Labador and Alex Gonzaga

RENDON LABADOR – The motivational speaker expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to meet Alex Gonzaga.

It was last year when Rendon and Alex made headlines after the former criticized the latter. This stemmed from his frustration with the vlogger-actress for smearing cake on a waiter’s forehead. To recall, after blowing out her cake, Alex smeared chocolate icing on the waiter’s forehead.

The scene was captured on a cellphone video and shared on social media. Although it only lasted 12 seconds, it quickly went viral and elicited mixed reactions from netizens, with some labeling her “insensitive.”

Among those who reacted to Alex’s treatment toward the waiter was motivational speaker Rendon Labador. The latter went to the official Facebook page of the vlogger, where he commented on her recent post, “Bakit ganun ang treatment mo doon sa waiter? Wala kang pinag-aralan, hindi porket sikat at may pera ka entitled ka na sa ganung behavior. Isa kang basura,” he wrote.

But it appears that all is well between them as they crossed paths recently during the baptism of Rosmar Tan’s baby. They attended the Christening as the godparents of Rosmar’s child.

He even had time to catch up with Alex and her husband Mikee. When he told Mikee about bashing them a year ago, the latter told him: “Wala yun,” which means that all is well between them.

Rendon Labador has been vocal in criticizing other celebrities in the past. But now, he claims that he has already changed. The motivational speaker even defended Alex Gonzaga after Xian Gaza criticized her enhanced nose.

This was after Alex took to social media to reveal that she had undergone a rhinoplasty procedure. She shared that it was a decision that required careful consideration over an extended period. Alex also expressed her appreciation for Dra. Vicki Belo, the surgeon who performed the nose job.

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