Religious Netizen Describes ‘Salamin, Salamin’ by BINI as Witchcraft Song

Religious Netizen Reacts to ‘Salamin, Salamin’ Song by BINI: “Salamin² is a Witchcraft song”

A religious netizen described the hit song ‘Salamin, Salamin’ by BINI as a witchcraft song, saying, “Let’s choose our music wisely.”

Recently, Roland Cole, a Facebook user, shared his opinion on the song ‘Salamin, Salamin’ by BINI, describing it as a witchcraft song. The post immediately spread like a wildfire on social media and garnered reactions from netizens.

In his post, Cole expressed concern about the influence of secular music on spiritual and moral values, cautioning against the potential negative impact it may have on listeners’ thoughts and behaviors.

Religious Netizen

He emphasized the importance of protecting hearts and minds from meaningless lyrics, as words hold spiritual power and may distance individuals from God.

Cole urged fellow believers to choose their music wisely, selecting songs that nurture the soul and draw them closer to God. He also warned against Christian leaders who fail to recognize the dangers of listening to worldly music, citing a biblical passage from Matthew 15:14 to emphasize his point.

“Ang pakikinig sa mga makamundong musika ay kadalasang maglalayo sa atin mula sa ating spiritual at moral values,” he said.

Religious Netizen

The netizen criticized the use of ‘Salamin, Salamin’ in church settings, accusing that it promotes witchcraft and contradicts biblical teachings. He referenced Deuteronomy 18:10-13, which condemns practices such as divination, sorcery, and witchcraft.

Maari nitong maimpluwensyahan ang ating mga pagiisip at paguugali, protektahan po natin ang ating mga puso at isipan mula sa mga walang kabuluhang salita dahil ang mga salita ay espiritu. Maari ding ilayo nito ang ating mga puso mula sa Panginoon,” he added.

Cole warned against false Christians and pastors, urging vigilance and discernment to avoid deception. He also cited the importance of responding with humility and compassion when addressing such issues, emphasizing the need to avoid self-righteousness and pride.

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The post has sparked a debate among netizens, with some agreeing with Cole’s sentiments while others defend the song and its artistic expression.

The online community expressed their reactions to the post:

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