Queenie Padilla Ends 12-Year Marriage with Pakistani Husband

Queenie Padilla Announces Separation from Pakistani Husband

QUEENIE PADILLA – The daughter of Senator Robin Padilla has announced her decision to end her 12-year marriage with her Pakistani husband, Usama Mir.

Taking to Instagram, Queenie, also known as Mashel Khadija Mir in the Muslim community, cited ‘irreconcilable incompatibility’ as the reason for their separation, though she didn’t provide further details.

“Assalamualaikum, after much thought and consideration, my husband and I have decided to separate due to irreconcilable incompatibility,” she said. “This decision wasn’t taken overnight. It has been years and months of trying to work things out.”

Despite their parting, Queenie emphasized her husband’s qualities as a responsible father to their child, maintaining her admiration for him. “I will always have love, honour and respect for the father of my child. He’s a great father and responsible human being. Although life has taken us on different paths right now, I will forever cherish the 11 years we’ve had together,” she added.

The couple, Queenie and Usama, tied the knot in 2012, and Queenie has largely kept details about their relationship private. She is the daughter of Senator Robin Padilla, who also practices Islam. As of now, Senator Padilla has yet to issue a statement regarding his daughter’s decision.

Meanwhile, the public first noticed Queenie’s marital status on her Instagram bio, where she described herself as a “wifey.” Even on her public Facebook account, Queenie’s profile displays her married status. However, Queenie prefers to keep her married life private, especially since she hasn’t revealed her husband’s face in the photos she posts on her blog and social media accounts. The only thing she shared with her Facebook followers was a throwback couple photo where both Queenie and Usama are facing away from the camera.

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