Dina Bonnevie Speaks Candidly About Coney Reyes

Dina Bonnevie Reveals How She Forgave Coney Reyes

DINA BONNEVIE – Veteran actress Dina Bonnevie disclosed how she forgave fellow actress Coney Reyes.

Dina Bonnevie, born Geraldine Schaer Bonnevie on January 27, 1961, in Quezon City, Philippines, is a renowned Filipino actress recognized for her significant contributions to Philippine cinema and television. Known as the “Drama Queen” of her generation, she has a prolific career spanning over four decades.

Bonnevie began her acting career in the early 1980s, gaining prominence with roles in films such as “Temptation Island” (1980), “Katorse” (1980), and “Magdusa Ka!” (1986), which solidified her status as a leading actress. She has received numerous awards, including two FAMAS Awards and two Luna Awards, and has been nominated multiple times for her performances in various movies.

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In addition to her film work, Dina Bonnevie has had an extensive television career. Her personal life has also been in the public eye. She was previously married to comedian Vic Sotto, with whom she has two children. She is currently married to Ilocos Sur district representative Deogracias Victor Savellano.

During the pre-Mother’s Day episode of ‘Fast Talk with Boy Abunda,’ Dina shared insights into her experience of motherhood and discussed her relationship with her ex-husband, Vic Sotto.

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Dina Bonnevie recounted that she became pregnant with their first child, actress Danica Sotto when she was just 20 years old. By the time she was 23, Dina and Vic had already gone their separate ways.

“Well, masakit mang isipin at balik-balikan ‘yun, the kids started noticing, ‘How come papa’s not coming home? How come daddy’s always not home? Where is he?’ Una, one day siya hindi uuwi, naging two days, naging three days, naging four days, hanggang sa hindi na siya umuuwi,” Dina recalled.

“And then, parang nasanay na ‘yung mga bata na wala na siya. Then, sinabi lang ni Vic na, ‘Weekends you’re gonna spend with me, weekdays you’re gonna spend with mama.’”

Dina Bonnevie
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Dina Bonnevie also discussed her connection with fellow actress Coney Reyes, who was romantically linked with Vic during their time together.

One day, Dina unexpectedly encountered Coney. “She asked me, ‘Do you want to go to our church?’ Parang nagulat ako, ‘Go to your church? Talaga lang?’ Sabi ni Danica, ‘Hindi ka naman pumupunta sa church para sa tao, e. You’re going there for God.’ And then nakita ko na, I mean, she changed in leaps and bounds, bringing people to God, bringing people to Jesus, telling people about the good news of salvation. So I asked myself, ‘My god, is this the person I want to hate? I can’t hate this person. I can’t’ So I let it go, and I gave her a bunch of white roses and I said, ‘I forgive you.’”

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