Diwata Refuses to Greet a Content Creator “Happy Birthday”

Social media personality and entrepreneur Diwata refused to wish a happy birthday to a content creator who wanted to greet him on a vlog.

A certain Yves York Serneo approached Diwata to greet him on his special day; however, the pares vendor declined in a polite manner.

Diwata Faces Backlash After Refusing to Wish Content Creator a Happy Birthday

After Refusing to Wish Content Creator a Happy Birthday, Diwata Faces Backlash

DIWATA – The pares vendor faced backlash on social media after a video surfaced of him refusing to wish a content creator a happy birthday.

In the video shared by Yves York Serneo, he approaches Diwata at his paresan and asks for a birthday greeting. The latter declines and remarks that his special day will pass. “Lilipas din yan kuya,” he said.

The content creator appeared visibly embarrassed by the encounter. Some netizens speculated that Diwata had grown weary of interacting with regular content creators due to his associations with famous influencers who often visited him and gave him gifts. They reminded Diwata that it was the support of ordinary people that contributed to his rise to fame.

Diwata has been receiving luxurious gifts from famous content creators in the past few days. He received a prefabricated house with complete fixtures and furnishings from fellow social media personality Rosmar Tan, along with 1 million pesos in cash. He also received a gold bar, a laptop, and cellphones from Whamos Cruz. Additionally, he was gifted a brand new car from Great Wall Motors (GWM).

To recall, Diwata explained in a one-on-one interview with Whamos that his busy schedule sometimes prevents him from taking photos, as he prioritizes the smooth operation of his paresan business. In the same interview, he expressed gratitude towards vloggers who featured his paresan, emphasizing their role in his success. He mentioned not viewing nearby paresan as competitors.

Meanwhile, Diwata is a social media personality and entrepreneur known for selling “pares.” Originally from Samar, he moved to Manila for better opportunities. His journey included hardships like living under a bridge and working various jobs before finding success with his 24-hour pares business, which is rooting for expansion and franchise opportunities.

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