Diwata Receives Gold Bar, Laptop, and Cellphones from Whamos Cruz

Whamos Cruz gives special gifts to Diwata

DIWATA – The pares vendor-turned-social media personality received special gifts from Whamos Cruz and Antonette Gail.

Diwata is a social media personality and entrepreneur known for selling pares, a Filipino beef stew served with rice. Originally from the province of Samar in the Philippines, Diwata moved to Manila to seek better opportunities. His entrepreneurial journey, marked by hardship and resilience, included living under a bridge and working various jobs, such as a construction worker and a beautician, before finding success with his 24-hour pares business.

In addition to his growing business, Diwata continues to receive blessings from strangers and even companies. One of the grandest gestures he has received so far is a brand-new car courtesy of Great Wall Motors, or GWM.

He also received a fabricated house from Rosemarie Tan Pamulaklakin and one million pesos. The latter emphasized that her act of generosity was motivated purely by a desire to help, not for self-promotion or to exploit Diwata’s name for her brand. She also runs a pares business in Laguna, where she offers meals and amenities in a resort setting, promoting relaxation and entertainment alongside dining.


In his latest vlog, Diwata unboxed the surprises given to him by Whamos Cruz and Antonette Gail. Among these were a gold bar, a brand-new laptop, and cellphones. Diwata couldn’t help but express his gratitude to the two kind-hearted individuals, and furthermore, hinted that there will be more gifts coming from Whamos.

Meanwhile, netizens celebrate the achievements of the social media personality and entrepreneur. Others are praying that Diwata will remain humble amid his massive success, especially with his pares business. Besides selling street food, he has ventured into show business, becoming part of the top-rated series, FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, starring and directed by Coco Martin.

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