67-Year-Old Graduates High School with Son as Teacher

With Son as Teacher, 67-Year-Old Graduates High School from Koronadal

ALS GRADUATE – A 67-year-old from Koronadal graduated from high school with her son serving as her teacher.

Teacher Wilfred Branairos Malinog’s Facebook post about his mother Domingga Malinog’s graduation from junior high school through the Alternative Learning System (ALS) of the Department of Education (DepEd) has inspired netizens. What’s remarkable is that Wilfred himself served as his mother’s teacher.

In Wilfred’s Facebook post, he proudly shared his mother’s accomplishment, expressing his admiration for her resilience and dedication to education. Domingga Malinog, at 67, completed her junior high school education through ALS, showcasing that it’s never too late to pursue learning and achieve academic goals.

During an interview, Wilfred revealed that he was the one who encouraged his mother to continue her studies. Observing his mother’s commitment to teaching her students by diligently studying their modules, Wilfred recognized her passion for education. Domingga found solace in learning after the passing of her husband, making her academic journey not just a pursuit of knowledge but also a means of personal growth and healing.

Now that Domingga has graduated from high school, Wilfred plans to further encourage her to pursue higher education, possibly attending college. Their heartwarming story highlights the importance of lifelong learning and the impact of familial support in achieving educational milestones. Despite challenges and setbacks, Domingga’s determination and Wilfred’s guidance have led to her successful completion of junior high school, setting a powerful example for others to follow.

Wilfred’s post resonated deeply with netizens, who found inspiration in Domingga’s perseverance and the bond between mother and son. Their story serves as a reminder that education knows no age limits and that with dedication and support, anyone can overcome obstacles to fulfill their academic aspirations.

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