Worker Dies After Being Trapped in Burning LPG Store in Caloocan

After Being Trapped in a Burning LPG Store in Caloocan, a Worker Dies

FIRE INCIDENT – A worker died after being trapped in a burning LPG store in Barangay 176 in North Caloocan.

LPG, or liquefied petroleum gas, can be a big fire risk if it’s not handled carefully or if there are problems with the system. The main issue is that it’s highly flammable. Even a small leak in the LPG system can make gas build up in closed spaces. Any little spark or heat source in that situation could set off a fire or explosion.

Also, if LPG cylinders aren’t stored right, they could get damaged and start leaking. This might happen if they’re exposed to high temperatures or get bumped around. Appliances like gas stoves or heaters that use LPG can also be a problem if they’re broken or not looked after properly. Sometimes they break because they’re old, not kept up, or made wrong.

LPG store

Human mistakes, like leaving a gas stove on with no flame or hooking up cylinders wrong, can make things worse. Natural disasters can also cause damage to LPG systems, leading to leaks and more fire danger. Not keeping up with maintenance tasks makes all these risks worse. Neglecting things like valves, pipes, and appliances can make conditions ripe for leaks and fires.

To prevent accidents, it’s important to follow strict safety rules. This includes storing cylinders correctly, checking things regularly, using approved appliances, making sure there’s enough fresh air, and fixing leaks right away. Also, teaching people how to handle LPG safely can go a long way in preventing accidents.

Speaking of which, a worker died after being trapped in a burning LPG store in Barangay 176 in North Caloocan. According to Fire Senior Inspector Elyzer Rubel Leal of the Bureau of Fire Protection-Caloocan based on the accounts of witnesses, the 25-year-old victim was allegedly intoxicated, which prevented him from escaping immediately.

The fire lasted for over an hour before it was completely extinguished. Before that, consecutive explosions were heard in the area, causing residents to panic. Three houses were affected by the fire. The estimated damage to the structure caused by the fire is around P200,000.

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