How To Check If iPhone Is Original — A GUIDE

Tips on How To Check If iPhone Is Original To Avoid Fake Ones

HOW TO CHECK IF IPHONE IS ORIGINAL – Are you planning to purchase an iPhone and you want to make sure that it is authentic?

One of the most popular mobile phone brands not only in the Philippines but across the globe is Apple. The American company is the manufacturer of iPhone, one of the most popular and, undeniably, pricey brands of phones across the globe. A lot of people have purchased it from Apple stores while others from other stores — considering its price, checking the authenticity is important.

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Truth be told that the immitation of countless phone brands and models have tainted the trust of many people when buying secondhand phones. Thus, if purchasing a pre-owned iPhone, it is best to ensure that it is original. There are several iPhone models released thus not everyone is very familiar with all of them.

How To Check If iPhone Is Original — A GUIDE
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There are three (3) ways on how to check if an iPhone is original or not. Here is a guide on what you can do:

Original Apple iPhones come with an IMEI number. Thus, one of the most helpful ways on how to check if an iPhone is original is by checking if the phone has an IMEI. To check the IMEI of a device, here are the steps that you may follow:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap the “General”.
  • Scroll to “About” section.
  • Scroll down to see IMEI number.

To validate the authenticity of the iPhone model, you may validate it through the Apple support website. You need to get the serial number and here’s a guide:

  • Go to the Settings of the device.
  • Tap “About”.
  • Scroll down and copy the 10-digit serial number.

When you already have the phone’s serial number, go to the Apple webpage ( and paste your device’s serial number. If it is original, you will see the purchase date of the product.

Also one of the ways on how to check if the iPhone is original or not is to seek the help of an Apple Mobile Technician. They have ways on how to check the authenticity of a mobile phone.

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