Seth Fedelin Faces Backlash for Liking Hate Comment Against Andrea Brillantes

For liking a hate comment against Andrea Brillantes, Seth Fedelin faces backlash

SETH FEDELIN – The Kapamilya actor faced backlash for liking a hate comment against Andrea Brillantes on his official YouTube channel.

A netizen raised concerns on Reddit today, April 17, 2024, regarding Seth’s decision to like a negative comment aimed at his ex-girlfriend, Andrea Brillantes, on one of his vlogs titled “SAMGYUP WITH ALI,” uploaded on October 7, 2021. In the video, Seth made a playful remark about Andrea’s unique trait.

The comment in question, posted two weeks ago, criticized Andrea, suggesting that she doesn’t fit in with the new generation of young stars and falsely accusing her of engaging in inappropriate behavior. Redditors expressed disappointment with Seth’s actions, questioning why he would endorse such comments about Andrea. Some users wondered why Seth had not liked any other recent comments on the video, raising further suspicions.

As of now, Seth has not removed his like from the criticized comment. The most recent comment he liked before this incident was from 11 months ago, expressing fondness for both Seth and Andrea. According to, the Reddit post has garnered 204 upvotes and 114 comments, indicating significant engagement and concern from the online community.

Meanwhile, Seth Fedelin gained prominence after appearing as a housemate in the reality television series “Pinoy Big Brother: Otso” in 2018. He has since pursued a career in acting, starring in various television dramas and films.

Andrea Brillantes, on the other hand, began her career as a child actress and model. She rose to fame for her role as the young incarnation of the protagonist in the television series “Annaliza.” Since then, Andrea has become one of the most prominent young actresses in the Philippines, appearing in numerous television dramas and movies.

Seth Fedelin and Andrea Brillantes were previously in a romantic relationship. They gained attention as a celebrity couple, often sharing moments together on social media and appearing in various projects as a love team. However, their relationship ended, and they have since moved on with their respective lives and careers.

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