Rosmar Tan Shares Convo with Diwata After Facing Backlash Over Her Pares Business

After facing backlash for launching her paresan, Rosmar Tan shared her conversation with Diwata

ROSMAR PARES OVERLOAD – After launching her new business, the entrepreneur and social media star responded to several comments on social media, particularly those accusing her of copying Diwata or Deo Balbuena.

In a post on her TikTok account, Rosmar showed her conversation with Diwata after she informed him about her plans to start a pares business as well. According to Tan, there is no problem with people saying she is imitating Diwata, because she was indeed inspired by him.

Rosmar also mentioned that her businesses are located far from Diwata’s in Pasay, with hers being in Laguna and Tagaytay. In this way, she is not directly competing with Diwata’s ventures, and her goal is simply to provide quality service to her customers. Rosmar Tan also expressed respect and recognition for Diwata’s success and stated that she has her own dreams and business goals, which are based on her personal experiences and inspirations.

Meanwhile, Rosmar Tan is drawing a lot of attention with her new business idea, which combines affordable dining with fun activities at her R Mansion Resort & Restobar in Laguna. She’s offering a “Pares Overload” meal for just ₱100, featuring popular dishes like lechon kawali and chicharon bulaklak.

This deal includes all-you-can-eat java or plain rice, broth, and comes with one soft drink. But the value doesn’t stop at the meal; customers also get unlimited access to swimming, relaxing in huts, using a playground, playing basketball, and beer pong.

Rosmar’s resort is open every day from 10 AM, providing both food and entertainment options that are ideal for families and groups looking for an affordable day out. Her approach of combining meals with entertainment activities demonstrates her creative business thinking and her use of social media to attract customers.

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