Ping Lacson Admires First Lady Liza Marcos

Ping Lacson has a message about Liza Marcos

PING LACSON – The former senator took to the microblogging site X (formerly known as Twitter), where he expressed his admiration for First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos.

The first lady had a one-on-one interview with radio host Anthony Taberna, where they discussed many topics, including her relationship with the president. She defended her husband against accusations of being “under the saya” or controlled by his wife.

Liza refuted claims by stating that she would not have left her job at a law firm if she had such influence over Marcos. She also denied allegations of controlling Marcos in decision-making processes, asserting that she was the least political person in their family. Liza emphasized that she had no ulterior motives as the first lady and mentioned that the original agreement was for her to return to her career after six years.

Ping Lacson

Additionally, she addressed criticisms of her involvement in politics and clarified that she sacrificed her law firm, dismissing accusations of smuggling or undisclosed deals. Liza further revealed that she had to create her social media accounts and supported Marcos’ decision to send their sons to boarding schools abroad to instill humility and independence in them.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, ex-Senator Ping Lacson expressed his admiration for Liza Marcos. “If all wives are as fiercely loyal to their husbands as FLLAM is to PBBM, all married men can focus on their jobs or just relax with folded arms, crossed legs up without having to stress themselves with haters and their sympathizers.”

Meanwhile, the First Lady clarified on ‘Tune In Kay Tunying’ that she and the President do not engage in physical altercations. In the same interview, she also uttered some furious words against Vice President Sara Duterte.

The rift between Liza and Sara originated from a rally in Davao where former President Rodrigo Duterte accused Ferdinand Marcos Jr. of drug use. Liza felt offended when she perceived Sara to laugh at her father’s comment. This incident sparked tension between the two, evident in their strained interactions at public events. Despite the strain, President Marcos continues to publicly support Sara, describing their relationship as “complicated.”

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