Jhong Hilario Teases Kim Chiu When She Asks for a “Sampol” from Alexa Ilacad

When Kim Chiu asked for a “sampol” from Alexa Ilacad, Jhong Hilario teased her

JHONG HILARIO – The Kapamilya actor-host appeared to be teasing Kim Chiu when his It’s Showtime co-host requested a song sample from Alexa Ilacad.

On April 2, 2024, Janella Salvador and Thai actor Win Metawin appeared on the Kapamilya noontime show to promote their upcoming film, “Under Parallel Skies.” Janella also discussed her upcoming concert and her single, “Headtone.”

Following the promotion of her movie and single, Kim Chiu asked Janella for a “sampol”. However, Janella declined, explaining that her voice was hoarse that day. Kim joked, “Sample naman, Janella, sa bago mong…” but Janella quickly responded, saying, “Medyo paos ako today, kayo na lang. Next time, promise.”

Vice Ganda made a playful reference to Janella’s response during the show’s segment “EXpecially For You,” for guests declining to provide a sample. Vice jokingly commented, “Medyo paos siya ngayon, kayo na lang.” This incident sparked online attention, with many netizens expressing criticism towards Janella.

Addressing the issue, Janella Salvador took to social media to share her perspective. “Oh wow. I’ve been wanting to explain myself because the last thing I want is to seem rude or disrespectful,” she expressed. “And I’m overwhelmed by the love and support I received upon opening this app. Thank you. It warms my heart to know that many people understand my intentions and values,” she concluded.

In today’s episode of “It’s Showtime,” Kim Chiu once again requested a sample of a song but this time from Alexa Ilacad. Jhong Hilario immediately commented, seemingly teasing Kim.

Alexa willingly sang her song, which was highly praised by the It’s Showtime hosts. They remarked that Alexa’s song sounded like it belonged in a Disney movie. Jhong joked, “Ayan na naman si Kim,” seemingly recalling the previous issue.

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