Heart Evangelista Answers How to Deal with Backstabbing

How to deal with backstabbing according to Heart Evangelista

HEART EVANGELISTA – The Kapuso actress and fashion icon Heart Evangelista directly answered how to deal with backstabbing.

On her TikTok account, she flagged a netizen’s question about what she does when someone backstabs her. “What do you do when someone backstabs you? Like, what do you really do?” the netizen asked.

“Ito lang ang maibibigay kong advice. It always happens and it’ll always happen so lintik! Huwag kang tatalikod,” Heart said. “Maintain, gano’n dapat!” she continued while subtly turning to look behind her. “Matatamaan ang pangkabuhayan showcase (kanyang mukha). Pwede pang i-conceal ‘yung likod,” she added.

In February, Heart Evangelista talked about how hard it is to find real friends in the entertainment and fashion industries, even though she enjoys her job. She mentioned the struggle of wanting genuine companionship amidst the superficiality of showbiz and fashion.

In a January vlog, Heart Evangelista discussed how certain individuals from her past have negatively impacted her happiness. She shared that their presence made it difficult for her to express her emotions, as they made her feel like a toxic person, even during personal struggles.

Heart Evangelista acknowledged that despite these individuals no longer being present in her life, their influence continues to affect her. She expressed feeling unfairly portrayed by them, as if she’s perceived as a bad person. This perception has led her to feel pressured to maintain a perfect image for those around her.

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Meanwhile, Heart Evangelista is an actress, television host, and philanthropist. She’s known for her work in Filipino television and film, as well as her contributions to various charitable causes. Evangelista began her career as a child actress and has since become a prominent figure in the Philippine entertainment industry. She’s also recognized for her fashion sense and social media presence, often sharing glimpses of her life, travels, and advocacies with her followers. Additionally, she’s involved in various humanitarian efforts, particularly focusing on education and children’s welfare.

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