DSWD Burial Assistance Requirements 2024 — Here’s List of Documents You Must Submit

Guide on DSWD Burial Assistance Requirements 2024 for Application

DSWD BURIAL ASSISTANCE REQUIREMENTS 2024 – Here is a list of the documents that you must prepare and submit in applying for aid.

Truth be told that even death nowadays require a huge amount of money. The said amount is intended to give the deceased a dignified wake and burial which most people surely want to give their loved ones who have passed away. A death may leave the family with both emotional and financial challenges to surpass.

DSWD Programs

In the case of some individuals who passed away, their families may be eligible to apply for the assistance offered by the Department of Social Welfare and Development. More popularly called DSWD, the social welfare department has launched the Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation (AICS) which includes the Burial Assistance offer aside from the DSWD Food Cash Assistance.

DSWD Burial Assistance Requirements 2024

The DSWD Burial Assistance is open for application for the family of a deceased Filipino who is an indigent or whose family is not financially-capable to cover all the costs of giving the deceased a dignified burial. It aims to help countless Filipino families amid the already-challenging situation of saying goodbye to a loved one.

Under the DSWD cash assistance offer, the family of the deceased may get up to Php 10,000. It is intended to help the family in covering the funeral costs which may include the following:

  • casket cost
  • burial services
  • wake, burial plot and interment costs
  • transportation fees in the transfer of the remains

There are DSWD Burial Assistance requirements for application. Here are the documents that the family of the deceased must prepare and submit to the social welfare department:

  • Registered Death Certificate
  • Funeral Contract which states the balance and the services received as well as the complete name and signature of an authorized staff of the funeral home
  • Barangay Certificate or any valid ID
  • Permit to Transfer
  • Referral/Endorsement Letter from legislator, if applicable
  • Social Case Study report from LGU (optional)
  • Promissory Note or Certificate of Balance

All applications for the offers of the DSWD are subject to the assessment and evaluation of the social welfare staff assigned. The social welfare department will conduct a comprehensive verification of the family’s situation and, once approved, will release the assistance to the applicant.

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