BGYO Faces Disapproval, Sparks ‘DISBANDBGYO’ Trend Among P-pop Fans

Disband BGYO Trends on X

BGYO – The Filipino boy band faced a surge of backlash on social media, with hashtags like ‘disbandBGYO’ and ‘BGYO Out’ trending.

The band, comprising members Gelo Rivera, Nate Porcalla, Mikki Claver, Akira Morishita, and JL Toreliza, was criticized for allegedly lacking contributions to P-pop and questioned over their professionalism and behavior.

Many comments on the platform X expressed severe dissatisfaction with BGYO, with some netizens accusing the band members of failing to embody the positive role model image expected of idols. Accusations included that the members were cheaters and abusers, making them unworthy of the idol status. Critics argued that none of the BGYO members seemed fit to be in a boy band, citing a lack of morals and a seemingly arbitrary selection by management, which, to them, suggested that the group should not continue in the P-pop industry.

The controversy extends to the group’s association with BINI, a popular girl group. Critics argue that BGYO’s negative publicity adversely affects BINI’s reputation and career prospects because of their close association.

Despite the overwhelming criticism, BGYO has staunch defenders among their fanbase, who vehemently oppose the idea of disbanding the group. These fans are dedicated to keeping their idols in the public eye and supporting them through the controversy.

Meanwhile, BGYO is a five-member Filipino boy band launched by ABS-CBN’s Star Hunt Academy in 2018 and debuted under Star Magic in 2021. The band consists of Gelo Rivera, Nate Porcalla, Mikki Claver, Akira Morishita, and JL Toreliza. They have quickly become prominent in the P-pop scene, blending genres like pop, electronic dance, R&B, and more while incorporating Filipino cultural elements into their music.

The group has garnered several accolades, including the “Best Theme Song or Title Theme” at the 2021 Asian Academy Creative Awards, and has been featured in international publications such as a Grammys’ article. BGYO’s name symbolizes their mission: “Becoming the change, Going further, You and I, Originally Filipino,” reflecting their aim to inspire and represent Filipino youth globally.

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