Tom Rodriguez Admits He’s Seeing Someone

Tom Rodriguez Reveals Something About His Love Life

TOM RODRIGUEZ – The Kapuso actor admitted in an exclusive interview that he is currently seeing someone after nearly two years since his separation from estranged wife Carla Abellana.

When asked by 24 Oras reporter Nelson Canlas if he believes in second chances, Tom smilingly responded, “Yeah, I do.” Nelson then inquired if Tom feels ready to fall in love again, to which Tom replied affirmatively, stating, “Yeah. I am now. In fact, I am seeing someone.”

Tom clarified that he is fully healed now and met the woman who currently brings him happiness at the right time. He expressed that he initially thought he would never find love again. It can be inferred that Tom wants to avoid the complications that arose from his relationship with Carla. He also mentioned his intention to keep his personal life private for now, particularly regarding the identity of the woman making him happy.

Tom Rodriguez

After spending over two years in Arizona, USA, following his split from Carla, Tom focused on self-love and growth to move on. He emphasized the importance of simplicity, surrendering to the Lord, and living life out of love, joy, and hope instead of fear and anxiety. Now that he has returned to the Philippines, Tom expressed indifference towards seeing Carla, stating that they each have their own paths and lives now.

Carla, in a previous interview with 24 Oras on January 29, 2024, echoed similar sentiments, expressing readiness for a possible encounter with Tom, especially since they are both artists at GMA-7. She stated that she does not feel intimidated or nervous, acknowledging that Tom has obligations as a Kapuso artist, and it’s inevitable for them to cross paths again.

Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez
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Meanwhile, Tom Rodriguez is a Filipino actor and singer known for his work in Philippine television and film. He gained popularity for his roles in various TV dramas and romantic comedies. Some of his notable projects include “My Husband’s Lover,” “Someone to Watch Over Me,” and “Mulawin vs. Ravena.”

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