Teenager Attempts to Hide Stolen Horse in Third-Floor Apartment

Teenager in Poland Steals Horse

POLAND – A teenager stole a horse and attempted to conceal it in his third-floor apartment.

The Wejherowo District Police Headquarters in Poland received an emergency call on February 23, 2024. According to Anetta Potrykus, spokesperson for the District Police Headquarters, the caller reported a teenage boy attempting to bring a horse up the stairs of a multi-family building. Initially, the police thought it might be a clever prank, but the caller’s concerned tone indicated otherwise.

The caller and other residents had spotted a large horse being maneuvered up the building’s staircase, prompting them to seek police assistance. Despite initial doubts, the police dispatched a team to investigate the situation.

To the officers’ surprise, they found the teenage boy indeed attempting to bring the horse upstairs and engaging in a dispute with some residents trying to stop him. Upon realizing the police presence, the boy fled, leaving the animal behind.

It was later discovered that the 19-year-old teenager, whose name was not disclosed, had stolen the horse to hide it in his third-floor apartment to avoid detection by the owner.

The police confiscated the horse, valued at $3,800 (PHP 213,446), and returned it to the owner, who had been searching for it. Fortunately, the animal suffered no injuries during the ordeal, but it exhibited signs of trauma upon its return to the stable.

The teenager’s attempt to hide the horse in his apartment was deemed impractical, as the two-bedroom space would have been inadequate for caring for the animal, despite his efforts to bring it up to the third floor.

The teenager, regarded as unruly by those who know him, has a history of involvement with horses, including past instances of theft. Upon returning to the building hours later, he was apprehended by the police and charged with theft, potentially facing up to five years in prison under Polish law.

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