Philmar Alipayo Opens Up About His Buwis-buhay Surfing Experience

Philmar Alipayo Buwis-buhay Surfing Experience In Siargao

PHILMAR ALIPAYO – Filipino surfer Philmar Alipayo shared his buwis-buhay surfing experience on social media.

Participating in surfing, similar to various other outdoor recreational activities, involves inherent risks and potential dangers. While surfing provides an exhilarating and enjoyable experience, participants should stay aware of potential hazards.

Various risks are associated with surfing, encompassing drowning, rip currents, impact injuries, weather-related challenges, and equipment malfunctions, among others. To mitigate these risks, surfers should prioritize safety, undergo appropriate training, utilize suitable safety equipment, remain aware of their surroundings, and show respect for both the ocean and fellow surfers.

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Philmar Alipayo recently shared a harrowing incident from one of his surfing sessions on Instagram. Philmar, recognized by the moniker Chepoxz, is a Filipino surfer and celebrity figure, notably acknowledged as the fiancé of actress Andi Eigenmann. Born in 1992, Chepoxz gained expertise as a surfer in Siargao.

His encounter with the actress on the island led to a romantic relationship, and they now reside on Siargao Island with their children.

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 In his post, Philmar Alipayo recounted a detailed experience attempting to navigate a huge wave to ride it on his surfboard. He said as he skillfully maneuvered through the wave, he unexpectedly faced difficulty in navigating it successfully.

In a surprising turn of events, the surfboard rapidly reversed course, striking him on the shoulders and neck with the tail section and fin.

“Went out for a quick surf. Nag-paddle ako tungo sa mas malaking alon at saka nag-barrel pero hindi ako nakalusot…

“Ang board ko, biglang bumalik sa akin at tinamaan ako ng tail ng board ko saka ang kanyang fin sa aking balikat at leeg,” Chepoxz added.

Photo Source: @chepoxz IG

Philmar Alipayo stated that despite suffering a significant injury, he views himself as fortunate since the situation could have led to something much more severe.

“Posible na mas grabe pa siguro yung nangyari pero swerte pa rin at saka salamat na ito lang ang nangyari,” Philmar said in his IG post.

“Masakit yung leeg ko at namamaga pero okay lang ako,” he further said.

He then expressed his gratitude to the people who helped him.

“Maraming salamat sa pagtulong sa akin @remarmagaluna , Ondong, Wawa, Jade, Juanito at saka sa mga tao dito sa Ayuki ,” he concluded.

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