PHOTOS: Mariel Padilla Jets Off On Vacation W/ Robin Padilla

Check Out Mariel Padilla, Robin Padilla’s Singapore Vacation Here

MARIEL PADILLA – Host Mariel Padilla and Senator Robinhood Padilla shared their Singapore photos on social media.

Mariel Padilla, a prominent television host in the Philippines, garnered increased recognition after successfully launching her personal YouTube channel. She is married to actor-turned-senator Robin Padilla, and they share two children – Isabella and Gabriela.

Mariel recently issued an apology on social media through an Instagram story. The apology stemmed from a now-deleted ‘IV drip’ photo that gained widespread attention across various social media platforms. Mariel clarified that her presence was in support of her husband’s legislative initiative, emphasizing that her intention was never to belittle or undermine the Senate.

Photo Source: @marieltpadilla IG

Following online criticism, Mariel extended apologies to both the Senate and the public for undergoing a drip in the Senate office. She clarified that the drip she received was Vitamin C and not glutathione.

In her latest social media update, Mariel shared glimpses of her recent journey to Singapore with Robin Padilla. On Thursday, February 29, Mariel used her Instagram account, @marieltpadilla, to showcase several snapshots from their Singapore trip.

Photo Source: @marieltpadilla IG

The viral images captured the couple’s excitement, including moments at the airport where they took photos. Additionally, Mariel shared a snapshot from a bus, highlighting a tender moment as Robin leaned against her.

Captioning her post with “Singapore Day 1,” Mariel tagged her husband Robin at the end of the caption, signaling the commencement of their Singapore adventure. Evidently, both Robin and Mariel seemed to thoroughly relish their initial exploration of the country.

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