Lady Passenger Engages in Argument w/ Fellow Commuter: “I don’t want a car, it’s my choice”

Lady Passenger Caught on Camera Arguing w/ Fellow Commuter

A lady passenger was caught on camera engaging in a heated argument with her fellow commuter, stating, “I don’t want a car, it’s my choice.”

Commuting refers to the act of traveling between one’s home and workplace or destination regularly, typically for work or school. It involves moving from one location to another, often using different modes of transportation such as buses, trains, subways, cars, bicycles, or walking.

For many people, commuting is a daily routine that forms an important part of their lives. It allows individuals to access employment, education, services, and social activities that may be located at a distance from their homes.

Lady Passenger

While commuting offers opportunities for mobility and access to resources, it also comes with challenges such as stress, fatigue, cost, safety, and traffic.

Dealing with traffic, delays, overcrowded vehicles, and long commutes can contribute to stress, fatigue, and overall discomfort for commuters. Commuters may also experience altercations with their fellow passengers.

Recently, Cedie Nuarbe, a Facebook user, shared a video capturing the confrontation between two passengers inside a public vehicle. The post quickly went viral, garnering various reactions from internet users.

Lady Passenger

In the video, the two passengers can be seen arguing due to a misunderstanding. One commuter can be heard saying, “P100, 000 (sweldo) per month tapos nagcocomute ka?”

In response, the woman passenger answered, “I don’t want a car, it’s my choice.” The male commuter then spoke again, advising her not to boast about her high salary. He also accused her of being arrogant because of her attitude.

In a similar post, a passenger forced to disembark from jeepney due to dispatcher’s lack of change for P200

The heated exchange between the two commuters elicited laughter from other passengers witnessing the confrontation.

The internet users expressed their reactions to the post:

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