Krissha Viaje Denies Selling Her Used Underwear to Her Fans

Krissha Viaje is not selling her underwear to her fans

KRISSHA VIAJE – The actress vehemently denied selling her used underwear to her fans.

Krissha cautioned her followers about imposters posing as her on various social media platforms. Through her Instagram account, Krissha shared a conversation where a follower inquired if she was indeed selling her used underwear on the messaging app Telegram.

“May photo ko nakita sa TG. Nagbebenta ka daw used undies?” the follower asked. To this, she firmly replied, “Nope. Scam.”

Despite the follower’s persistence that the seller appeared authentic, Krissha encouraged them to judge for themselves. “Edi go. Good luck kung kaninong panty yan,” she remarked. “Bago pa kayo magsayang ng pera, ako na po nagsasabi, di ako nagbebenta neto. Wag kayo paloko. Thanks,” she reiterated in another Instagram post. The post elicited varied responses from netizens, with some urging the actress to report the impersonators to the authorities.

Meanwhile, Krissha Viaje is a versatile performer who has gained recognition as a dancer, presenter, vocalist, and actress. Notably, she gained prominence as a member of GirlTrends on the popular Philippine program, It’s Showtime. Her journey in the spotlight began in 2006 when she competed on the second season of the reality singing contest, Little Big Star.

In a remarkable achievement, Krissha emerged victorious among 11 contestants from various nations in an extensive talent search organized by the Asian entertainment channel GEM. This success paved her way to the finals of Nippon TV’s “I Can Sing in Japanese!” held in Tokyo, Japan, where she showcased her talent. Subsequently, she secured a recording contract with Universal Music Japan in 2015.

Additionally, Krissha showcased her talent as part of Team Philippine All Stars, securing the top prize at the prestigious “Song for Japan Nodojiman The World” competition, which took place in Japan.

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