Ariel Villasanta Tries to Sell the Urn Containing His Mother’s Ashes to Boss Toyo

Boss Toyo was offered by Ariel Villasanta to buy the urn containing his mother’s ashes

ARIEL VILLASANTA – The comedian made an unexpected offer when he visited Boss Toyo’s shop, attempting to sell a unique item: the urn containing his mother’s ashes. This surprise caught Boss Toyo off guard, as he wasn’t expecting such a personal and unusual item to be presented for sale.

Ariel, known for his comedic talents and partnership with Maverick Relova, visited Boss Toyo’s store on March 22, 2024, with various items to sell, including clothes, mirrors, and a diamond ring. However, it was the urn containing his late mother’s ashes that stole the spotlight.

Ariel explained that his mother, Mommy Elvie, who had been an artist, had a desire to bring joy to people even after her passing. He shared a humorous anecdote about breaking her coffin in the past, illustrating their close bond and the unconventional approach to dealing with loss.

Ariel Villasanta

“May show kami ng mommy ko nung araw, artista to. Ito ‘yung urn niya. Kung may ataol pa nga sinibak ko ‘yung ataol niya e,” he said. “Ang ermat ko kasi kahit naging pulburon na siya, gusto niya pa rin magpasaya ng tao,” he added.

Ariel Villasanta

Despite Boss Toyo’s initial hesitation, concerned that accepting the urn might invite Mommy Elvie’s spirit, Ariel maintained that his intention was simply to fulfill his mother’s wish of spreading happiness. In a lighthearted manner, he mentioned that he still had half of her ashes, indicating his readiness to part with them for the sake of making others smile.

Ultimately, Boss Toyo decided against purchasing Mommy Elvie’s urn. However, he did buy some of his belongings.

Meanwhile, Ariel Villasanta is a comedian and television personality known for his work in the entertainment industry in the Philippines. He has appeared in various television shows, films, and comedy gigs. Villasanta is particularly recognized for his comedic talent and has gained popularity through his performances on television programs and live comedy shows. Additionally, he has been involved in hosting and guest appearances across different media platforms in the Philippines.

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