Former Professional Actor Earns P500k Monthly While Playing as a Beggar

While Playing as a Beggar, a Former Professional Actor is Earning P500k a Month

LU JINGANG – The former professional actor from China shifted his career away from the camera to perform as a beggar at the Qinming Shanghe Garden in Henan Province for the past 12 years.

To make his portrayal convincing, Lu dirtied his face, wore worn-out clothes, and acted with sadness when asking for alms. Despite his previous career, he found passion in this unusual role, where he could perform without the need for auditions.

Lu’s earnings from begging were significant, totaling nearly 70,000 yuan or approximately PHP543,128.60 per month, along with food donations, surpassing the average monthly salary in China, which is around 29,000 yuan or PHP223,280. Due to his high income, some dubbed him the “richest beggar in China.” However, his family initially opposed his decision to portray a beggar, but they eventually relented due to the substantial earnings he brought in.

Over time, Lu perfected his role and became accustomed to life as a beggar. His performance garnered attention, making him an internet sensation in his area. As his story spread on social media, more people became curious about him and started giving alms.

While some admired Lu’s success, others expressed jealousy towards his earnings. Some internet users even considered quitting their jobs to become beggars like him, attracted by the idea of high income without the presence of a difficult boss. However, Lu cautioned against such decisions, stating that his experience and expertise in portraying a beggar make him challenging to compete with.

Despite the envy and admiration he receives, Lu remains dedicated to his craft and warns against blindly following his path. His unique career choice reflects his passion for performance and his ability to succeed in unconventional roles. Through his portrayal as a beggar, Lu not only earns a lucrative income but also captivates audiences and challenges societal norms surrounding traditional employment.

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