Xian Gaza’s Blind Item Elicits Reaction from Fynest China

The blind item posted by Xian Gaza has elicited a reaction from content creator John Paul Nuque, also known as Fynest China.

In the blind item posted by Gaza, he mentioned a supposedly somewhat famous personality who allegedly pretends to give away millions to his chosen followers.

Fynest China Reacts to Blind Item by Xian Gaza

Here’s the reaction of Fynest China to the blind item by Xian Gaza

FYNEST CHINA – The social media personality denied being the person Xian Gaza referred to in his blind item about a supposedly somewhat famous personality who allegedly pretends to give away millions to his chosen followers.

In the said blind item, Xian claimed that this personality only paid someone 5K to pretend they received 1M. He noted: “BLIND ITEM: Sinetch itey na isang medj sikat na personality ang umiidolo sa PCSO at kunyareng namimigay ng milyun-milyon sa kanyang chosen followers pero yun pala ay binayaran lang niya ng 5K yung tao para magpanggap na may nareceive n 1M from hem.”

Fynest China clarified that he is not the person being referred to in the discussion. He emphasized that he hasn’t given away millions as suggested and joked about not being wealthy enough for such generosity. He also humorously admitted his lack of knowledge about a certain game. China urged against making assumptions and left it to others to interpret the situation based on his posts.

“ayaw ko sana bigyan to ng pansin pero dumadami ang ating mga tags. first of all hindi po tayo tinutukoy neto dahil wala po akong pinamigay na isang milyon or milyo milyon, alam nyo yan. hindi po ako ganon kayaman na kaya ko mamigay ng milyo milyon. isang milyon pwede pa pero hanggang dun lang tayu (emoji) at PCSO grabe! ni tong it di ko alam laruin hehe!” he said. “wag tayo mag assume haha! at kung ako nga tinutukoy edi kayo bahala maniwala kayu din naman nakakakita ng ating mga post,” he added.

Meanwhile, a blind item is a piece of gossip or speculation about a particular person or situation, usually within the entertainment industry, that does not explicitly name the person or people involved. Instead, it provides clues or hints about their identity while leaving it up to the reader or listener to guess who is being referred to. Blind items are often used by media outlets to generate interest and discussion without directly implicating individuals or risking legal issues.

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