Willie Revillame Brings Dancers to Duterte’s Prayer Rally

Television personality Willie Revillame created a buzz online when he brought dancers to former President Rodrigo Duterte’s prayer rally.

During the prayer rally held by the former president on February 25 in Cebu City, Revillame surprised the crowd with his dancers.

Willie Revillame Criticized for Bringing Dancers to Duterte’s Prayer Rally

Willie Revillame faced criticism for bringing dancers to a prayer rally

WILLIE REVILLAME – The television personality faced criticism for allegedly disrespecting a prayer rally organized by former President Rodrigo Duterte on February 25 in Cebu City.

Attorney Darwin Canete, among Revillame’s critics, rebuked him for bringing dancers to the event, questioning the appropriateness of such entertainment in a solemn gathering meant for prayer and serious discussion.

“Dear Willie… I think you mean well… and I’m sure you think you are just giving people what they want… but if you think about it… gyrating dancers in what was supposed to be a solemn prayer rally isn’t exactly conducive to showing God you are worthy of His miracles,” Canete said.

Canete expressed concern that Revillame’s presence detracted from the rally’s intended gravity and political message, potentially undermining its credibility. The rally aimed to demand transparency from the current administration regarding purported constitutional changes.

“It was supposed to be a serious public condemnation and show of force. instead you got Willie Revillame hijacking it for whatever supposed political delusions he has. i understand political theatre. but having that guy even being remotely associated with the event turns it into a farce,” he said.

Canete urged Revillame to reconsider his actions, suggesting that they could be perceived as prioritizing personal or political interests over the solemnity of the occasion. Revillame has yet to respond to Canete’s criticism.

Meanwhile, Willie Revillame is a television host, singer, actor, and comedian. He is well-known for hosting various popular television programs in the Philippines, particularly game shows and variety shows. Revillame gained significant fame as the host of the game show “Wowowee,” which aired from 2005 to 2010. His hosting style often involves energetic and engaging interactions with contestants and audience members. In addition to his work on television, Revillame has also ventured into music, releasing several albums and singles throughout his career.

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