Voice Actor Dismayed by Proposal Prohibiting Filipino Dubbing

Prohibiting Filipino Dubbing? Voice Actor Expresses Dismay at Proposal

JEFF UTANES – The voice actor shared his thoughts on the proposed law prohibiting Filipino dubbing in English programs and films shown in the Philippines.

In a recent Facebook post, he argued that the blame for the weak English proficiency of some students shouldn’t fall on their industry but on the education system.

“Isinasalin po namin sa wika natin ang mga foreign film at series para lubos na maunawaan ito ng masang Filipino. Hindi po lahat, afford makapanood ng sine o ‘di kaya naman makapag-subscribe sa mga online streaming sites. Wala ring panahon ang ilan kaya nga malaking bagay ang makapanood sila ng mga pelikula sa mga local TV channels,” he explained.

The voice actor stressed that not all fellow Filipinos have completed their education to fully understand complex English shows. He clarified that their job in the industry is to bring the original context and dialogue closer to the audience for better comprehension. Jeff also pointed out that in today’s digital age, individuals have the opportunity to learn another language by reading, given the abundance of information available.

He highlighted that success can be achieved without formal education or complete English proficiency. Jeff also mentioned that some countries dub foreign content without harming their own language and culture, emphasizing that English learning shouldn’t be enforced. Additionally, he noted the industry’s contentment in serving the local culture, suggesting that if viewers dislike dubbed content, they’re not the target audience, hence the availability of various language options on streaming platforms.

Finally, Jeff appealed to lawmakers to consider the livelihood of those like him in the industry who provide voices for foreign films and series. He emphasized the need to focus on the country’s problems, especially in providing quality education to every student.

Jeff, known for voicing Son Goku in the Filipino version of the anime Dragon Balls, has also lent his voice to Yu-Gi-Oh and Sailor Moon.

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