Fur Parent Appeals to Woman Who Took Her Puppy to Return It

Fur Parent Urges Woman Who Took Her Puppy to Return It

A fur parent appealed to a woman who reportedly took her beloved puppy to return it, and the young lady finally responded.

On Tuesday (February 27, 2024), Giegie Cabarles, a Facebook user shared video of a woman who approached and took her dog, enticing it with affectionate calls of “baby” until it obediently followed her away.

The fur parent’s beloved pet dog is taken from their home in Barangay Bata, Bacolod City. She pleads for the dog’s return, urging the woman to reconsider.

Fur Parent

“Miss inday palihog balik sng ido k ky indi n imo day damu n nag ayu s akon wla k gn hatag, gli kawaton mlang palihog lng idol ong d balik s gate,” she wrote in the caption.

(Miss, please return my dog because you didn’t ask permission. Many people love him, and you didn’t give him to me. You just took him away. Please return him to the gate)

However, the woman who took the dog, identified as Arcel Sepida, clarified that she had no intention of stealing the puppy. She claimed that she was concerned about the dog’s welfare and attempted to return it by knocking on the gate, but it was closed.

Fur Parent

Sepida claimed that she fed the dog and let it sleep under her bed, planning to return it after her classes. The female student expressed her genuine concern for the dog’s well-being. She denied any malicious intent and expressed her willingness to return the puppy after her commitments.

“Nakita ko imo puppy miss sainyo nga gate ara ang puppy sa gwa, wala higot wala ko motive nga kwaon. in the first place gintutoy ko lang gid na imo puppy then nanawag ko da sinyo gate miss while gina hikap imo puppy para mahambal nga naka gwa man gid ang ido but then nakita ko ang gate naka lock miss that’s why gin puli ko inyo dog,” she said.

Fur Parent

(I saw your puppy, miss, outside your gate. It was untethered, and I had no motive to take it. In the first place, I just noticed your puppy, then I called out to you from the gate, miss, while I was petting your puppy to tell you that it had wandered outside, but then I saw that the gate was locked, miss. That’s why I returned your dog)

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