Toni Gonzaga Sends Flowers to Mariel Amid Her Vitamin C Drip Session Issue

Amid Mariel’s controversy, Toni Gonzaga sends her flowers

TONI GONZAGA – The television host-turned-social media personality sent flowers to her friend Mariel Padilla amid the controversy the latter is facing.

TV personality Mariel Rodriguez faced criticism after photos showed her undergoing a medical treatment, initially thought to be a type of skin-whitening drip but later revealed to be a vitamin C injection, in her husband Senator Robin Padilla’s office at the Senate. This upset many people who saw it as disrespectful to the seriousness of the Senate.

In response to the negative reaction, Rodriguez publicly apologized, clarifying that she didn’t mean to disrespect the Senate but wanted to highlight the importance of staying healthy despite busy schedules. She explained she was at the Senate to support her husband’s work and that a qualified medical professional oversaw the treatment.

Toni Gonzaga

Senator Padilla also apologized to Senate officials, admitting the mistake and promising steps to prevent similar incidents in the future. However, questions remained about whether it was appropriate to have medical procedures in government buildings without giving prior notice or consulting a doctor.

Furthermore, medical experts questioned the effectiveness of the treatment Rodriguez received, especially since there wasn’t enough proof to support its benefits. Senator Nancy Binay stressed the need for a thorough investigation to address concerns about behavior, honesty, and health safety rules within the Senate.

Amid the controversy, Toni Gonzaga, a close friend of Mariel, sent flowers to Robin Padilla’s wife, probably to somehow ease her feelings amid the criticism she’s receiving. Mariel then took to social media to thank Toni for the flowers, calling her the sweetest, most thoughtful, and truest friend. Senator Robin, on the other hand, praised Toni for her gesture.

Toni Gonzaga

Meanwhile, actor-turned-senator Robin Padilla has issued a statement to the Senate regarding the actions of his wife. According to him, it won’t happen again.

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